We are sure many of you agree that eyeliners are the most versatile yet sophisticated makeup product. But it is difficult for you to choose a good lining for your eyes with a hood?? The fact is that applying the eyeliners is incredibly simple, but not all suitable for all eye shapes. The overlapping skin between the eyebrow and the upper eyelash line makes it difficult to apply the lining perfectly. Hooded eyes are a common sight that makes the eyelids less visible and can cause eye makeup challenges.

First spread a light, neutral tone over the eyelid, making your eyes look slightly larger. Then mix a clear, medium-high shadow along the center of your eyelid. As a finishing touch, mix eyeliner tattoo a dark shade along the outer corners and work towards the top center of your eye. This is an elegant term to apply the coating to your internal safety line, rather than creating a wing.

It works as it sounds, it will mix your eyeshadow into straight horizontal lines instead of bending around your eye. Do not follow the curve of your eye fold to the corner in the inner corners of your eyes. If you’re blessed with hooded eyes, go ahead and try some of these techniques. You may be amazed at how different your eyes look when you add a steeper fold or winged lining. Have fun with it, take your time and go out to show the world your new look.

With that motivation in mind, you want to use the best tips to show off and feel your best. But to do that, you first need to know the shape of your eyes so you can use makeup tips that are special to you. Instead of covering the entire lid with a base color, some make-up artists like to start with the folding color.

Wipe this tone under the eyebrow bone along the shape of your eye and mix well. You may even find that the lining under the tab line or on the tabs works best for your eye shape than placing the liner over your tabs. If you line up your bottom tab line, you should also align only the outer corner. You can even align the inner corner with white or light color to open the eyes with a hood a little more. Your hooded eyelids already make your eyelids look small and grinding, so you can’t let your eyelash and eyeliner exaggerate those features.

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