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The Best Swiss Chocolate

Being Swiss somehow seems to make me an expert in matters concerning Chocolate. Friends, colleagues, neighbors who are about to travel to Switzerland never venture there without asking me which Chocolate they should try, buy or bring back. I am usually excited to share my opinion, unless in situations where a Belgium, French or other national from a Chocolate savvy country tries to start degrading the Swiss Chocolate. There I have no choice but to tell them straight out that nothing else reaches the quality (ever heard of Belgium or French Quality?) of Helvetic Chocolate. Just between us, and out of reach of Belgian, French or even Swiss ears, I actually quite enjoy all three, but since I cannot stand biased accusations, I have to result to defending my heritage. So what do I recommend? First of all, no matter what Chocolate you decide to savor, the main thing is that you give it the attention it deserves. Which means, should your mind be in any way littered by taste crippling thoughts about calories or bikinis, do not even try. You are not worthy of eating chocolate. I am often told that people cannot believe I love chocolate, simply because I do not carry it around my midsection. Once and for all, it is not chocolate that makes you fat, it is you not being able to balance its consumption properly. A 100g bar should last you a week, not a day! And if does not, you are not giving it the respect it deserves. Which brings me to the next important point: anticipation. Half the joy of eating chocolate is the anticipation. Imagining or remembering what it is going to taste like when it melts in your mouth. I have a chocolate moment every day, not a big one, but a well deserved one. The other great thing about anticipation: it doesn't have any calories either! Last but not at all least: Quality! Buy the good stuff. No matter wherein North America you live, you can buy chocolate other than the low end Nestle, Hershey or any other of those 'we have to add other stuff because our chocolate is not good enough'-brands. The reason why people tend to eat as many of those evil 'cash registry lane pavers' is because they do not manage to satisfy fully and leave a craving for more. Trust me. If you have…