Introduction: You may be married jointly, but that doesn’t mean you have to deal with the same tax bill. In fact, you may be able to save a significant amount of money by filing as a joint taxpayer. Here’s how to make the most of your taxes as a married couple.

When to File Your Taxes As amarried couple.

A married couple filing jointly must file taxes on their own behalf. This means they will need to complete and submit the tax forms themselves, rather than relying on an accountant or other professional to help them do so. The process for doing so is a little different for each state, but generally follows these steps:

1. File your taxes electronically – this is the easiest way to file your taxes and save time.

2. Complete and submit all the required forms – there are usually few if any required forms that are different for married couples filing jointly.

3. Get started early – get your taxes filed by April 15 in most cases, in order to have full use of the federal holiday season!

4. Use touch-tone phone services to make tax payments – this is a great way to avoid having to go outside and stand in line!

5. Receive refunds – many states offer refunds when you file your taxes as a married couple (or joint filers).

How to File Your Taxes As a Married Filing Jointly.

What are the married filing jointly tax brackets When you file your taxes as a married filing jointly, you and your spouse will both be responsible for filing and paying taxes on your income. You’ll need to complete an application and provide all of the required information, including your social security number. In order to save time and money, it’s best to follow these simple steps:

1. Complete an application online at

2. Follow the instructions on the application

3. Review your tax return before submitting it

4. Follow any additional instructions provided by the IRS

The How to’s of Filing Your Taxes As a Married Filing Jointly.

In order to file your taxes as a married filing jointly, you and your spouse will need to follow these specific steps:

1. Complete the form W-2F (Worker’s Income Tax Return), which will include all of your income information

2. Pay your tax bill on time

3. File a joint return even if you only received income from one job

4. Follow any other applicable instructions provided by the IRS

Tips for Filing Your Taxes As a Married Filing Jointly.

You must file taxes as a married filing jointly if you are married and have children. The requirements for doing so vary depending on your state, but in most cases you will need to file joint returns with your husband or wife.

To save on your taxes as amarried filing jointly, follow these tips:

1. Make sure you are reporting your income correctly. If you don’t know how much money you make and what tax rates apply to it, it can be difficult to figure out how much income to report on your taxes. Get help from an accountant or other tax preparer to help you file your taxes correctly, and they may be able to provide additional tips on how to save money while living together as a couple.

2. Save on your groceries and travel expenses by cooking each meal together and bringing food home from restaurants or grocery stores instead of eating out every day. This can save both money and time!

3. Use the correct filers for your state of residence—by claiming Married Filing Jointly status in states that require it (like California), or by using the Married Filing Separate Status option when filing in more than one state (like New York). This way, you’ll only have to worry about one set of federal taxes (and no state sales or excise taxes) when combined with your husband’s or wife’s individual income tax bracket from their individual state of residence.

4. FILE YOUR TAXES EVEN IF YOU DON’T HAVE TO FILE THEM WORDLY: You can still get around the requirement to file taxes by paying them later, but doing this can result in larger fines and possible imprisonment if discovered early. Consult an accountant or tax preparer before making any decisions about unpaid taxes!


When to file your taxes as a married couple can be confusing, but it’s important to follow the requirements and get help from a taxation expert if you don’t understand them. By following the requirements and getting help from an expert, you can save on your taxes and ensure that you are reporting your income correctly.

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