We very often take our marriage for granted especially with the daily struggle to win our daily bread to pay the bills. Stress, childcare and hundred other things that are on our minds affect our life. But, small gestures to tell your wife that you are grateful to have her in your life are extremely important.

1. Ensure that you appreciate the time that your wife has taken or takes to get dressed in the best of outfits and her knock off yeezy that make her look gorgeous. All the time that she spends on her hair, manicures and pedicures, clothes and shoes is just to be able to get that perfect look so that you can appreciate it.

2. Do not make fun of the choice of clothing or shoes that your wife has made or put her down in any way. You might find that she has bought yet another pair of Christian Louboutin fake shoes, well, do not lose your cool. If you must say something appreciate the look and then when the time is right say it.

3. Spoil your wife by buying her gifts at times. These need not be the same old flowers or chocolates. You could go ahead and buy her shoes or clothes. No matter if she has a closet full of them. A woman never had enough of these and that is for sure.

4. Kiss her longer and deeper. A peck on the cheek is not always enough to show that you really do care for her. A kiss could be the best way of reaching out to her and making her day.

5. Hold hands as you walk on the road or at the mall. Although this seems like a simple enough gesture, but it can convey to your wife that you are protective about her.

6. Send her text messages or a letter that conveys sweet nothings or some secret that only the two of you share. It could be a name that you call her by or anything that will bring on the knowing smile on her face.

7. Caress her when she least expects it. This could be a brushing of the arms, a touch on the thigh or anything that will make her senses go tingling with expectation.

8. Massage her feet when she is tired and gets home after a tiring day.

9. Put your hands around her in crowded places and the kind of loop that forms a protective circle.

10. Lastly, at every given opportunity do not forget to say the three magical words to her.

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