The right place to get to the core of emotions with freeride. A high-altitude trip within everyone’s reach and with breathtaking Treno rosso del Bernina scenery, is the XC Scenic Trail. This track can also be traversed by those who do not have particularly accentuated training.

Discover the monuments, buildings, natural treasures and all the details that characterize Livigno and its territory. I was introduced to my new love: cross-country skiing, in Livigno. The city has about 30 kilometers of cross-country skiing trails that are good for everyone from beginners to professionals. There are a number of things that are very important to know if you want to try this winter discipline or if you think it is too lame. Livigno, also known as “Little Tibet” for its climate, is located at the foot of the western Rhaetian Alps in the heart of the Valtelline Valley and offers a wealth of summer and winter activities. In Livigno there is room for everyone, I cyclist love to run along the marked trails that transport mountain bike enthusiasts to the heart of the Alps, in a real total immersion in nature to discover every corner of Little Tibet.

The Livigno Valley is 1,800 meters above sea level – the surrounding peaks reach an altitude of 3,000 meters. It is the ideal summer and winter holiday destination for mountain lovers and offers attractions and activities for all tastes. The resort offers 110 km of gentle open “highway” slopes without vegetation for all standards of alpine skiing.

The area has a perfect mix of locals, tourists, couples and friends, all chatting and socializing, topped off with live acoustic music. Part of the bistro is also by the pool, which offers exquisite dishes and a selection of healthy smoothies or Italian wine (I can also recommend the sea bass!). It’s popular for ski resorts and hotels to offer a hot tub or sauna to use after skiing, but a full-service spa with a variety of pools, saunas and hot tubs? For cross-country skiers, Livigno turns out to be a true paradise! In fact, there are more than 30 km of slopes that wind from Forcola to the beautiful lake of Livigno and for the more experienced there is the technical slope “Marianna Longa”.

We are happy to recommend a route that suits your skill level. In summer, you will find hiking trails for all levels, some of which lead to mountain huts where you can taste local products. If the water level of Lago di Livigno is sufficient, you can rent a boat, kayak or SUP near the Ristoro Val Alpisella to enjoy the beautiful nature of the area. A ski tour does not start on a chairlift: you climb the mountain on foot using climbing skins attached to your skis. Hike on bike paths or back roads through snowy forests and discover alpine restaurants and cottages. One page is not enough to describe all the reasons why sports, nature, wellness, shopping and gastronomic enthusiasts visit the area.

The sporting, recreational and cultural activities in Livigno are numerous and varied. The center is full of shops of all kinds to the point that it is defined as a high-altitude shopping paradise. The hard terrain in which Livigno finds itself has made it possible since 1500 to obtain concessions that last over time.

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