The fragrance of Triple Ground Lavender Soap is one of my real joys in this life. Smell is a huge factor in sensory memory, and every time I wash my face with lavender soap with triple soil, I return for at least a few seconds in the summer I spent in the south, from France. I was in the small town of Beaulieu-sur-Mer, and if you were there, you’ll understand why I think of the smell of roses and the taste of fresh fish as my greatest pleasure.

What do you like? Going barefoot on the wet grass? Popcorn from the movie? Russian mountains?

Studies show that pleasure is necessary for optimal health.

Two biological facts:

  1. Pleasure is associated with improved circulation throughout the body.
  2. Pleasure is associated with higher levels of neurotransmitters beta-endorphins, a natural morphine-like substance that soothes pain and causes feelings of euphoria.

When we lack pleasure, blood flow is limited, beta-endorphins drop dramatically and we feel depressed. We feel irritated, angry, tired. Sound familiar? Do you talk more often than just the pleasure of laughing until you are shaken? So keep it there, soldier. You ignore your health and it’s just not solved. I have the doctor’s advice, so listen.

Keep having fun. Enjoy it when you catch it.

Sounds too easy? Let me complicate the task for you.

I’m laughing! But I’m going to disassemble it, because even if you like pepper steak, you’re still going to have to cut it into small pieces.

  1. Remove yourself from the negative contest. You and your colleagues have turned a complaint into art. It’s time to give it up. Think of whining as a truly disgusting sofa, exposed by feathers, cat urine torn from the 1970s. Pure, sweet, fantastic. He wants to give you peace of mind. But where does he go? Put the old sofa on the sidewalk. Down with the old, the new.
  1. Know what you like. Make a list of things that make you happy. Making this list is fun in itself, but you can pretend it works if you’re not in a place where fun is still justified. Write what you like, then …
  2. Practice! Plan your treats for the week. Do this, tick your list. Do you like manicures? Get them every week. Do you browse bookstores? Change your return route to include a stop in your favorite. Do this often, at least one thing from your list every day.
  3. Don’t neglect your mental life. Have you noticed a thought that makes you feel bad? Pat this thought on the head to make her feel safe, then push her to play in the yard. Now try a thought that makes you feel good. How about “I’m really good at Mrs. Pacman.” Or, “Damn, I’m really pretty in those jeans.” Feel how beta-endorphins grow.
  4. Spread joy. Encourage fun in the lives of others. Studies show that good mood is contagious not only among people who know each other, but also among strangers. Smile at someone on the subway, give a friend a piece of triple grind soap for no reason.

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