A unique highlight in this is Opera for All, where performances are broadcast live to the public at Max-Joseph-Platz. For those who love books, consider them your best friends, the Frankfurt Book Fair awaits your presence. One of the oldest book events in the world, the Frankfurt Book Fair attracts the publishing industry and book lovers from all over the world.

There are also fairground rides, games, market stalls and food vendors to support. Twenty-five thousand people attend this event each year, so buy your tickets as soon as they are posted to avoid disappointment. An early booking ticket for one day costs around €124, while a three-day weekend ticket will cost you between €139 and €165.

The fresh and savory aroma of grilled meat floats over the festival grounds. Because of all these things, this German festival is simply hard to resist. Festivals in Germany are world famous and the country holds more than 10,000 different festivals every year. The beautiful smile, colorful costumes, medieval food, live music and the spirit of the people make these festivals more intriguing. With a tangible history, big cities with advanced architecture, mind-altering culture, breathtaking landscapes and fun German festivals. The Carnival of Cultures shows the diverse multicultural upbringing of Germany.

Airbeat One takes control of a generally quiet town of Neustadt-Glewe and comes alive every July with five different stages in all possible electronic genres. The Standing Bear, a logo of the Berlin Film Festival, or the Berlin International Film Festival, is one of the most recognized film festivals in Europe. It’s the perfect place to please your inner cinephile, as the Berlinale is known for a showcase viaggi oktoberfest of experimental cinema curated by the best in world cinema. After screenings, the director and cast of each film usually sit down for a Q&A session that allows for greater internal access for those who love movies. In Germany, carnival has three names: Karneval, Fasching and Fastnacht. Interestingly, each has a different tradition and culture depending on the region where the festival is held.

DFB Pokal is a football league, which is nothing less than a festival held annually in Germany. The DFB Pokal is held every year and is a knockout tournament for 64 of germany’s best qualified football teams. It is a dream for all football fans to experience the atmosphere at dortmund stadium. Originating from Venice, carnivals are now celebrated all over the world in a grandiose way. Cologne is one of the oldest cities in Germany, located on the mighty Rhine.

Karneval, also known as season five, is a time when usually ordered Germans go wild and party. During this time, parades, masquerade balls and various festivities take place throughout the country. The 16- to 18-day extravaganza also offers the perfect opportunity to enjoy all kinds of delicious German dishes; including Schnitzel, Brezen and Würstl. The raw event was first held in Munich in 1810, but has since grown into a national and even global celebration. In fact, many other cities in Germany and the world host their own Oktoberfest to honor the best of Bavarian culture. About beer festivals, an Almabtrieb is perhaps my favorite of traditional German festivals.

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