A high-fiber diet is essential to balance your digestive system and make your body work properly. While eating a lot of high fiber vegetables and grains is an essential part of the equation, probiotic foods and supplements can help improve the diversity of bacteria in our gut microbiome. There are also several superfoods for gut health, including vegetables grown as raw sauerkraut, which is loaded with probiotics to support the gut and fresh ginger root to optimize digestion. “I’m a big fan of having food for the gut in your kitchen at all times,” says Snyder. Because we continue to have more flexibility to work from home, many of us spend extra time in the kitchen. Whether this idea is exciting, daunting or both depends on the individual, but for many, health awareness is the most important thing to deliver our cabinets and whisper meals.

When cooking at home, you probably make a meal that is considerably healthier than a restaurant dish. Cooking at home is one of the easiest ways to reduce calories, even if you make a hearty meal like cheeseburgers or pasta. However, if you’re looking for even more ways to make your kitchen healthier and more convenient, there are some healthy cooking tricks you can keep in mind for future culinary adventures.

The important thing is to usually try to choose a more agile option. If you’ve eaten meat during the week, choose low-fat ground turkey instead of minced meat for your next meal. Instead of chicken thighs, go for chicken or seafood. Making your diet healthier can be as simple as eating the right ingredients regularly.

But we love these grains, so instead of losing them completely, we’ve learned to divide our portion sizes. 1 cup of raw rice can easily serve 4, especially if you add other healthy components to balance your food. Do not make the bulk of your food from heavy grains, but compliment your proteins and vegetables. Techniques such as baking and roasting use a small amount of fat, while frying means that all food is dipped directly in fat. So if you decide what to cook for dinner, choose a slimmer cooking method such as sautoring, burning or braking.

On the one hand, water will not primarily eliminate many dangerous pathogens. On the other hand, running water on raw birds and other meat can also contaminate your sink and other kitchen surfaces with bacteria. Prepare catering & cooking classes phoenix arizona pressure cooker or use a rice cooker and serve with stir-fried with your prepared chicken and vegetables and your favorite herbs. Simplify dinner preparation by doing as much in advance as possible, O’Rourke suggests.

Sprinkle a peanut butter toast, add it to your yogurt or oatmeal at night, or even prepare a chia seed pudding for breakfast for a large fiber boost. When you think about cooking, make products the star of your meals. Make a fruit smoothie in the morning, a great salad for lunch and fill a spaghetti pumpkin over dinner. Use vegetables such as zucchini or sweet potato spiral noodles. Snacks are a great way to sneak in a lot of extra products: baby carrots, apple slices, dried fruit or vegetable soup are also a great option. Make your efforts for healthy cooking worthwhile all week.

Frying is one of the best dry heat cooking methods to clean your fridge and use all lean protein or fiber-rich vegetables on hand. In addition, it offers you the opportunity to maximize the nutrition in your meals and add a variety of vegetables with different shades, flavors and textures. This technique cooks food quickly and makes vegetables tastier. Improve your recipes cooked with clear flavors of healthy ingredients such as fresh herbs, herbs and citrus. When cooking dishes with a lot of flavors, there is no reason to feel private and seduced by adding fats.

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