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7 Summer Makeup Tips For Oily Skin ..

Through thick skin, your skin produces oil and skin cells, which build and clog pores. To prevent this, exfoliate your skin 3-4 times a week with an exfoliating wax. Apply the scrub to damp skin and then massage your skin in a circular motion. Choose a chemical scrub, such as one that contains beta-hydroxy acid. Their pores produce excess oil to compensate for dehydrated skin. Although it seems contradictory, oily skin needs extra moisture. If you go for a base, just choose a matte and / or oil-free formulation. These are the ones they use the most and are designed to stay in place, especially if you have oily skin. You should also consider formulas with ingredients intended to support the skin, such as mineral-based formulas or water-based products. You can also use a setup spray BEFORE starting your makeup as it helps to create a thin layer on your skin and prevents oils from seeping through your makeup. Find a cleanser that suits your skin type: for oily skin, a formula with salicylic acid works wonders. Helps exfoliate your skin during cleansing without leaving it too dry. Then moisten your face with a cream or lotion by pressing it on your skin. It is better to go with a moisturizer without oil. Do not see the primer as a product that is only useful for your face; You can also use an eye makeup primer to prepare your covers for the makeup application. Rinse the product and dry your face with a clean towel. But let's face it, even though it's very hot, women still prefer to wear makeup. Women with oily skin have an even harder time in summer. Fortunately, we found a sweat-tight make-uproutine for women with oily skin. By learning to apply makeup with this routine, your makeup stays in place all day, regardless of the weather. Consider this your excuse to spoil your skin regularly! Once the oil is absorbed, gently remove the paper from your skin. You can buy blotting paper that absorbs the oil AND leaves the powder in the oily stain. The deadly blush will produce a radiant shine while fighting the excess oil. You can apply the matte powder rinse with a traditional blush brush or a powder blush. Circle the brush of the apples on your cheeks to the upper ear. Everyone likes challenges, but women with oily skin don't…