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Comparison Of Written And Documentary Texts On The Same Subject

But if you compare different examples of documentaries with texts written on the same subject, you may be surprised at what you find. In many cases, the medium in which a story is conveyed is less important than the meaning the author intends to communicate. On the themes they are about, the documentaries focus on more than just the general human condition that includes individual human actions and relationships, the province of narrative fiction and drama. For example, The Fourth Estate, a British documentary made by Paul Rotha, is about a newspaper, the London Times, while Orson Welles citizen Kane is more concerned with a character inspired by William Randolph Hearst, the powerful newspaper editor, than the trial. This is a unique language that can give the viewer an endless numerical meaning. The grammar of this language is related to the understanding of the viewers and is not formalized. This means that a film can be made in any way without violating established practices. However; The further a regular film is removed, the less it will correspond to the dogmas and conventions of the film industry. In the context of asking about the responsibility of filmmakers to define the facts of fiction, the subject of making documentaries comes under attack. What I then suggest is not a good definition of essence, nor a canon or a list of traditionally accepted masterpieces, nor do I give it up completely and say that you can call everything a documentary. What I offer is a list of points to consider, almost like a doctor's list of symptoms to check ดูหนังออนไลน์ before prescribing a particular drug. We have a certain general idea or idea in our trained mind of what the term "documentary" means or how our friends or academics use it, but when we apply it to a specific film, we have to make an individual evaluation, looking at the front and disadvantages. He also discusses the psychological and emotional impact of good films: "Good films talk to people in ways that documents cannot," and the dangers of revealing people's private moments. Social documentaries research and present well-known and unknown peoples and cultures from all over the world from a perspective that focuses on a particular problem or a social problem. A form of social documentary, political documentaries are intended to investigate and criticize or celebrate the political activities of men and women…