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Expert Witness

The expert has a great responsibility, especially in criminal matters, and the perjury of an expert is a serious criminal offense in most countries. The use of expert witnesses is sometimes criticized in the United States because they are often used by both parties in civil trials to argue for different positions, and a jury is left to decide which expert witness to believe. I mean, in a jury trial, it's not the one who makes the final decision, it's the jury. Present your testimony clearly, slowly and strongly enough for the furthest jury to easily hear and understand everything you say. Avoid distracting gestures such as chewing gum while testifying. Although you answer questions from a lawyer, you should take into account that the questions really benefit the jury. This allows your expert to better plan your waiting time and avoid conflicts with another job. For example, there are "reports", "There are draft reports, there is correspondence, there is email, there are notes and there are personal notes (which can be in a notebook, on a napkin, on a desk calendar, or" Day timer ", "or even on the old-fashioned sheet of paper). The jury will quickly discover any specialized agenda that the expert has, and the credibility of the expert is directly proportional to the scope of the jury's conviction. An objective expert sees all underlying facts and data in an emotionless manner and regardless of how the client or lawyer wants to see them. The lawyer is a defender; Your job is to take sides and discuss them with passion and conviction . It is not the expert's job to be an advocate of the client, only for objective truth. Trying to fit an opinion into a preconceived goal or purpose is the death penalty of the expert's credibility and thus the case. The expert's testimony should be based on facts as evidence and should provide an opinion on the causality or correlation with the evidence when a conclusion is reached. It is important that expert witnesses handling the evidence maintain adequate detention so that they can verify the evidence, demonstrate what they represent by testifying during the trial. You must work together to present the expert as an independent neutral third party who, while committed and paid by you, provides high-quality, unbiased testimonials and credible analytics that will help the fact level achieve the right result.…