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Refine Your Routine With Over 40 Expert Skin Care Tips

According to the celeb dermatologist and author of Beyond Beautiful, Dr. Doris Day “A purification is a reaction of a product. It can be an irritating reaction to a product, leading to accumulation of skin cells and their underlying content. Read our guide to see if you are purifying here. One of the side effects of menopause is fluid loss from the skin. This can lead to drought and roughness and wrinkles can develop faster. Hyaluronic acid products should help with this. This ingredient is common in serums and moisturizing creams. Invest and include them in your skincare routine. Therefore, exfoliating once a week is crucial. Abrasive helps to slim down dead skin cells, but excessive exfoliation can cause your skin to respond with excessive oil production or pimples. You can have a light chemical peel with your doctor to improve your skin color and texture and soften the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. They are relatively painless and cheaper than lasers. For optimal results, get a range of six or more that get stronger as your skin adjusts. "It's important to clean your face at night to remove all the makeup, dirt and impurities that have accumulated all day," he advises. In the morning, cleaning is important to remove sweat and oil that may have occurred at night. For twice daily use, a soft, odor-free cleaner is recommended to exfoliate lightly over a harder scrub or physical scrub." You can still spoil yourself by doing the basics. Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize, we are not kidding! When it comes to your skin, hydration is everything. Even if you have oily skin, keep your skin hydrated; otherwise it will produce more oil in an attempt to compensate. Make sure to hydrate twice a day and fill with night serum and facial mist all day long. Look for moisturizing ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, glycerine, peptides and ceramides. It would be remiss not to emphasize this classic, especially as a starting point in the world of soft facial cleansers. "To see more softness, better skin color and fewer wrinkles, exfoliate with a well-formulated hydroxy acid beta or hydroxy acid product," said skin care expert Paula Begoun. "You don't need both: AHAs are generally best for dry, sun-damaged skin, while BHAs are best for acne or black head skin."." Your excuse to practice J.Lo de Hustlers' routine or learn a TikTok dance is…