Some patients require orthodontic and prosthetic intervention to correct, with orthodontic treatment before prosthetic correction. Both braces and Invisaligns are effective in closing the spaces between teeth when used by an experienced orthodontist. Depending on how serious the problem is, your dentist may suggest orthodontic treatment for open teeth.

When it comes to a problem like diastema where there is a hole between the teeth, it is difficult to say that it can work safely. It depends on the severity of the problem and the way natural forms are applied. In some serious situations it is not possible to fill the gap completely due to various complications.

The brakes straighten the teeth with cables attached to the teeth with composite material, as well as the material used in the dental connection. If you have multiple spaces no larger than 5 millimeters, Invisalign Zahnarzt Thun may be the best option. Straighten DIY teeth, wrapping rubber bands around your teeth to move them together, as well as other methods. This is incredibly dangerous and can lead to a restorative treatment.

For example, getting braces would be a shame if the problem is really your frenulum. Extensive orthodontic treatment can also become the best option if you have problems such as overcrowding and a bad bite. This only applies to the installation of traditional brackets, but other options can be chosen at an additional cost. In the case of orthodontic treatment in adults, you should discuss the options with your dentist.

These clear aligners are very difficult to notice, unlike conventional dental braces, but they are still an effective treatment for mild and moderate dental separation cases. Hates can even occur in adult teeth where there was no previously space, especially between the two front teeth called diastema. Sometimes overgrowth of tissue at the edge between the gum line and the two upper front teeth causes the teeth to separate, creating space.

As you can see, there are several possible reasons to have holes between your teeth. Tooth gap can also mean that your bite is not working properly, which can lead to the painful experience of splintered or broken teeth. Dental veneer, also known as laminate, can be used to fix spaces between teeth, as well as other concerns such as color, alignment and minor structural damage or imperfections.

And a highly qualified dentist in Jamaica can safely perform this dental procedure. Implants are another dental procedure to fill in the gaps between the teeth. If the holes are too large, dental implants are the best option to replace missing teeth. Dental implants are used to replace missing teeth and are combined with dental crowns, bridges and dentures. While composite veneer can also be used to fill the space between the teeth, it is small to medium (1-3 mm) in size. Compared to porcelain veneers, composite veneer are less extensive and require minimal dental preparation.

In addition, if a person is irregular in applying natural forms to reduce the grip on the dentist, he cannot produce positive results. If you do not achieve the correct desired results after following natural forms, it is always advisable to visit the dentist to get the necessary treatment. A dentist uses standard forms of treatment to close the space between the teeth. Until then, you can follow natural forms for the treatment of empty teeth.

Here the teeth are properly protected against the stain by the material used. Closing the holes in the teeth is normally not a complicated process, as long as your case is not too extreme. There are several ways to close the holes in your teeth that you can read below. Your dentist can talk about which treatment is the best way to close the holes in your teeth, as each case is different.

If there are no potentially harmful causes of extraction, you can choose to leave your teeth as they are. Some people are happy with open teeth because they feel that gaps add individuality to their appearance. Depending on the condition of the space between the teeth, the dentist may propose orthodontic treatment to fill these gaps. And this treatment process is generally used when a large opening between the teeth is closed and you are likely to create other spaces in the mouth. Dental implants can be removable or fixed teeth that match your natural teeth. And during the procedure, an artificial enamel tooth is inserted into your gums or bone.

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