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Thousands of people gather in central London for New Year celebrations, including fireworks at the London Eye at midnight. New Year’s Eve in Serbia is traditionally celebrated extensively. Indoors, families celebrate New Year’s Eve with an abundance of food. Serbs decorate trees, Novogodišnja jelka, at New Year’s Eve, rather than at Christmas Eve.

See if everyone else can figure out what the memory is and who wrote it down. Set up a “net” using a piece of crepe paper across the room and hit the balloon back and forth with paper plate paddles. For extra fun, place the spoons across the room from where you’re playing feliz año nuevo 2022 so you have to run to get them. Also, instead of the last person getting “out” each round, just have them earn a letter and let everyone continue to play until someone has all the letters in the word “spoons”. Make and decorate paper plate shakers to use as midnight.

Special holiday programs are broadcast on Venezuelan television stations including Venevision. The “widows” then go to the streets and stop each car that passes on that particular street in order to parody some form of sexy dancing. Large crowds would gather around to watch and laugh at the entertainment and the drivers are forced to give the “widows” some coins in order to obtain passage through the street.

Big and small celebrities and personalities perform as well as enjoy in these parties. Many discos and pubs organize big singers, DJs or local talent to liven up the night with their music and songs. Goa and Kerala are the most visited destinations during New Year celebrations both by Indian and foreign tourists.

Be sure to use plastic champagne flutes or other plastic “adult” like glasses to make the kids feel really special. Maybe a pajama party isn’t exactly your style. You always can go the opposite route and invite kids to dress in their fanciest clothes. You can even provide some dress-up attire at the party, such as crowns and feather boas, for the kids to wear. Then, have a photo shoot—or even a photo booth—where everyone can show off their look. Just because kids can’t drink alcoholic beverages doesn’t mean they can’t enjoy a toast.

Some municipalities organize fireworks at midnight. A Finnish tradition is molybdomancy – to tell the fortunes of the New Year by melting “tin” in a tiny pan on the stove and throwing it quickly in a bucket of cold water. The resulting blob of metal is analyzed, for example by interpreting shadows it casts by candlelight. These predictions are however never taken seriously. In most cities and urban areas across Japan, New Year’s Eve celebrations are usually accompanied by concerts, countdowns, fireworks and other events.