Enrollment rates and cost of living are lower in Turkey than in most European or American countries, but the quality of education remains high. Scholarships are also available that cover not only tuition fees, but also accommodation, insurance and travel expenses. It is worth noting that the vast majority of scholarships awarded to international students in Turkey are funds from the Turkish state. There may be a general misconception that you should study in the Turkish language, but many Turkish universities offer English education and present an English environment to international students. Studying abroad can seem very challenging, but it is very nice if you are well prepared. If you collect all your documents and source of income, you have no complaints.

Turkey quickly achieves a reputation as an ideal destination for international students looking for high-quality educational qualifications. Is this level justified or will it disappear as a new craze of globalization?? Like the following irrefutable reasons why you should consider studying at Turkey show, this is certainly not the case. StudyinTurkey.com offers resources to guide all international students who want to study in Turkey. As an international student studying in Turkey, you don’t feel left out because many international students like you study in Turkey. This creates a fertile and exciting mix of cultures where you learn about different cultures, broadening the horizons and making friends for life.

Thanks to the cafes, restaurants and libraries where students spend, cities live 24 hours a day. In this country where countless civilizations have been embraced, they are all tolerant and respectful of each other. Turkey, where you can find some of its roots and perhaps get to know people who speak their language, is ideal for students with their safe and peaceful environment.

Turkey believes that all students deserve high-quality, fair and transformative education. Famous for the country where the east meets the west, Turkey has a strategic location where you can easily travel to any destination and have the opportunity to easily explore work and internship opportunities. In this way, it is easier to explore options in the east and west after graduation. Istanbul is Turkey’s most diverse city alone because it serves as an urban center for the country.

Thanks to one of the best universities in the world and the cheapest tuition fees, hundreds of thousands of foreign students from all over the world move to Turkey every year to study. Turkey does not offer its international students work permits, that is to say that students are not allowed to get a job during their studies. As an international graduate student who wants to stay and work in türkiyədə təhsil the country, you must return to your country and apply for a work permit through your country’s Department of Labor. The work permit is usually issued for one year, but can always be extended to three years. Knowing Turkish can be a special good for anthropology, archeology and history students. By combining Turkish language skills with these studies, exciting research opportunities arise.

You can pay less tuition if you are a Turkish citizen or if you have a scholarship price. Turkish institutions generally have dormitories that are provided to students as accommodation unless they otherwise choose not to attend school. Turkey offers students high-quality education at a lower cost than most European and American countries. In addition to student insurance, students can use scholarships for Turkey that cover tuition fees, as well as accommodation and living expenses. Turkish universities with a low enrollment are also the center of attention of international students.

Several undergraduate and graduate programs are available for students from the top Turkish universities. The number of universities has increased from 75 universities ten years ago to 182 universities to date. Higher education is supervised and managed by the Higher Education Council (YÖK).

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