The technology in affiliate marketing has improved a lot programmatic viewability making it gain traction; simultaneously it is fighting with a lot of complications like ad fraud and recently appeared ad blocking. However, it is one of the most powerful components of digital marketing and is going to shine forever with changed technology and methods of displaying ads.

Let’s discuss 5 display ad challenges for marketers that they are contemporarily facing and need to fight against them immediately.

  • Ensure that Ads are placed at relevant places while adopting programmatic advertising
    Programmatic Advertising is being adopted in full swing in the whole world. Advertisers are making the most of this automated process. But is has been noticed that a lot of ads are being placed at irrelevant places abusing the money of advertisers. Advertisers should spend few minutes every day to ensure that their ads are shown at worthwhile places.
  • 56% of Ad Impressions are actually not seen
    A study conducted by Google in 2014 found that 56% ad impressions are not seen and therefore, advertisers should do audience segmentation and retargeting for their ads. Segmentation ascertains that the ads are shown to the right audience while retargeting ensures ad placement based on the behaviour of the audience. Both of the things improve ROI significantly.
  • Banner Blindness
    Banner blindness is one of the big problems these days. It is the phenomenon in which users consciously or sub-consciously ignore the banner ads. To fight with the problem, it is important to know where and how to place banner ads. Place ads just above the fold instead of placing them at the top of the page and the most viewable banner sizes are vertical.
  • Analyzing Ad Performance
    Most advertisers find it difficult to spare time to analyze the performance of their display ad campaigns. They should spare some time and keep a close eye on the CTR and many other metrics. They should track the demographics, clicks through same IP and the time of clicking. All these things help advertisers to find ad fraud.


The challenges may seem small or known but the fact is that many advertisers are ignoring them and suffering with the results. An active advertiser who constantly keeps an eye on market fluctuations reads consistently about the latest surveys and discoveries in affiliate marketing in the world as well as knows perfectly how to imply it with effects.

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