Choose pepper spray or alarm if you don’t have a lot of upper body strength. Some pepper sprays also contain a dye that appears in ultraviolet light, making it easier to identify robbers after the attack. Keychains that use an alarm or an electric gun as a deterrent are another matter.

The size and weight of the key ring you choose are matters of personal preference. A larger, heavier model can give you more peace of mind and be easier to hold and use, but you may not want to carry the extra weight and volume. On the other hand, a key ring that is too small and light can be more difficult to hold, may not have much impact and may not give you much peace of mind. Other types of SDKs have more restrictions and are illegal in some states.

The key ring comes with the emergency alarm function, which emits 130 dB of noise and helps warn others nearby. The safe and bright LED light also helps to illuminate the environment and helps with night walks or early morning work. In addition, the key ring is lightweight, compact and portable, perfect for carrying bags, placing bags and suitcases. The Zertone Brass Security Keychain is a multifunctional tool that comes with various functions. It has a screwdriver, tungsten head, glass breaker, bottle opener, ideal for various emergency purposes.

It should only be used when needed and as a means of escaping an attack to ask for help. The Kaiyuan Dynasty self-defense metal key ring is about 14 cm or 5.5 inches long. The self-defense tool has a simple design and comes with finger screws for safe use. It is worth noting that it can function as a usable LED flashlight.

This is the perfect weapon for those who are not looking for something that is super heavy, bulky or really visible. The blade is made of strong stainless steel and is housed in the most discreet place. You can put it on your key ring and no one knows you’ve attached a knife. Our favorite unit is ASP Palm Defender key ring pepper spray, which takes the form of a cubotan or tactical stick.

They are easy to use because cat eyes serve as finger holes and sharp ears are used as teeth to create an excellent surprise dagger. We hope this never happens to you, but if so, don’t forget to stay calm and don’t panic. Repeatedly shouting “No” or “Stop” will draw the attention of everyone close to you. But if that doesn’t work, a personal alarm key ring like SL Force can scare alarm attackers and ask others for help. Byrna’s safety alarm is another competitive branded product that helps to help quickly and navigate our daily lives. The key ring is equipped with an alarm and flashlight, easy to operate for daily use.

There are also cubotan knives, hollow cubotans, cubotan flashlights and cubotan pens also known as tactical pens. More or less all can be used in the same way with some differences that are required for the technique. Before you pick up your key ring, you should always check local state regulations, because some of these kubotan key rings wood keychains are illegal to wear. Thanks to the design used in the IDAYE personal alarm key ring, this personal alarm is perfect for the personal safety of women, children and the elderly, as well as the disabled. The Limei Keychain Pocket Knife is an excellent personal protective equipment for everyone because of the intelligent hidden weapon.

It is annoying for the attacker, especially since it really irritates the ears … The Siren Song personal security alarm with key ring is one of the most elegant and user-friendly personal alarm systems on the market. All you have to do is take out the chain and there is a strong 120 dB alarm to draw attention to you when you are in danger.

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